Arts and Culture

“Creating meaningful experiences in the cultural arts Jewish world”

For more information about cultural arts programs at the JCC, contact:
Shula Banchik, Cultural Arts and Israeli Programs Manager
403-537-8596 or email

We invite you to consult our Jewish Calendar 101 to lean more about the Jewish Holidays. Click here for more information. 


Quilting L'Dor V'Dor
Wednesday, May 29
A show & tell presentation of original narrative quilts by Boston quilt artist, Laura Rosenspan. Because every quilt has a story...  Free Admission. RSVP by email to Shula Banchik. 

Yom Yerushalayim – Jerusalem Day
June 2-7
On-going screenings | Calgary JCC
Come dwell in our version of a Jerusalem apartment’s living room. Steep nana tea, look out the windows for Jerusalem’s landmarks, and watch the latest short films from Jerusalemite filmmakers.

Welcome Shabbat - Special Shavuot Celebration
Friday, June 7
10:30 - 11:00am | Calgary JCC
Join us for a family-friendly Shavuot Celebration.

Monday, June 10
3:30-5:30pm | Calgary JCC
Enjoy a free and delicious dairy treat while playing Mount Sinai trivia.

Betzalel Arts
Jewish artists working together to support, encourage, and develop artistic professionalism and growth. Professional and emerging photographers are also welcome to join this group.
Professional Development • Solo and Group Shows  •  Art Sales Click here for more information.
Upcoming exhibits:
- March 31 - May 5 L’dor va dor: From generation to generation
- June 2 - July 7 Thou Shalt – The 10 Commandments Show
- July 7 - August 25 H’Avot: The Matriarchs and Patriarchs


Registration is now open for the 2019 winter session. Register online, in person or by calling 403-253-8600, ext.0

Pre-School Dance Ages 3-5
This introduction to ballet and jazz dance for nursery to kindergarten age will get your child moving and expressing themselves to music. Yael Guterman, La Pointe Dance Studio owner and teacher, will teach children rhythm, body awareness, musicality, and basic dance steps. Boys and girls will gain confidence and enjoyment.
Dress for boys: Any style tshirt with black or navy shorts, and white or black leather ballet shoes with matching ankle socks.
Dress for girls: Pink ankle socks and pink leather full sole ballet slippers with elastic. It is recommended (not mandatory) that hair be worn off the face in a bun, braids, or ponytail.

Israeli Folk Dance Ages 16+ - CANCELLED
Israeli Folk Dance taught by Israeli RAD certified dance instructor, Yael Guterman from La Pointe Dance Studio. Yael will teach you traditional Israeli folk dance steps, combinations, and modern choreographed variations. You can expect a moderate work out set to music – a fun class to move your body and soul! Dress: Comfortable clothes and non-marking shoes appropriate for exercise (please, no flip-flops or outdoor shoes).

Community Klezmer Band
Explore klezmer music and related musical traditions with Frank Rackow. Musicians of any instrument who are able to read and play music at an intermediate level may join this class. You will learn new music and improve your skills while meeting other talented musicians.