Infants and Toddlers (0-3)

So you’ve gained an extra family member? First off, congratulations! Now, let’s get started… At the JCC, we pride ourselves on being child care experts. The first few years in a child’s life are extremely important to their development later in life. From newborns to little ones cruising on two legs, the JCC has a wide range of programs and we know that we’ll have one that’s right for you!

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BabeCare Daycare
Our Licensed and accredited daycare offer a variety of activities including: emergent curriculum, play time, music lessons, indoor and outdoor play, stories, arts and craft and more! More information on BabeCare Daycare

Time for 2s  Ages 2y                          
Get your toddlers ahead of the curve, engaging their creative minds, making new friends, and learning to socialize in this program for 2s! Your children will sing songs, dance, do arts and crafts – while developing friendship bonds with other children their age. Our trained staff provide them with a level of care that makes it feel like a home away from home. 

Ready, Set...3s! 
Welcome to the JCC’s, Ready, Set...3s! program with a curriculum specifically designed for three year olds. This program offers a wide range of activities that prepare children for junior kindergarten the following year. Activities include: crafts, creative movement, drama, science, gross motor play, fine motor focus and interactive play. Ready, Set... 3s encourages socialization, builds self-esteem, and prepares children for a lifetime of learning. The program runs full year from September 2019 to June 2020 and follows the CBE calendar.

Yoga Mama and Bloom Baby Ages 6w-10mos
Bring your baby six weeks through to crawling and enjoy the opportunity for a re-energizing yoga practice, focusing on toning abs and pelvic floor, re-strengthening shoulders, quadriceps, and hips, and recovering internally and externally from pregnancy and childbirth  For the babies, healthy behavior is modeled by moms taking care of themselves  Bring baby’s favorite blanket for use during practice  For all levels. 

Barre Baby Ages 0-10mos
Open to all levels, this barre class provides a fun and dynamic workout for moms, re- sculpting your body as you bond with baby and build social connections  Lose weight while you improve body awareness, flexibility, and strength  This class is a hybrid of ballet, yoga, classic dance training, and free weights that will help you sculpt a shapely physique  It will help lengthen, strengthen, and tone by targeting four major muscle groups all at once – the thighs, arms, abdominals, and glutes  Our experienced instructors will provide you with modifications for injuries, or challenge and change your body  Bring a baby carrier and baby’s favorite blanket for use during practice.

Sportball Soccer Ages 2-3y
Watching your child play soccer on a warm spring evening is one of life’s true joys. Make it happen by signing up for this class–packed with high-energy fun, imaginative coaching techniques, and a continuous flow of new drills and non-competitive games to keep things rolling along. Note: Additional $25 initial fee for soccer jersey, socks, and ball.

Pre-School Dance Ages 3-5y
This introduction to ballet and jazz dance will get your child moving and expressing themselves to music. Yael Guterman, La Pointe Dance Studio owner and teacher, will teach children rhythm, body awareness, musicality, and basic dance steps. Boys and girls will gain confidence and enjoyment.



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