K - Grade 6

We have a ton of great programs for kids in elementary school. Whether you're looking for a licensed afterschool program, or a specific class, the JCC is a strong believer in building skills for young children in a fun and relaxed environment. We can be the yin to their school's yang! And when they're done school for the year, Camp JCC is the perfect fit with weekly themes to choose from and a chance to make new friends and experience new adventures!

Junior NBA Ages 5-7y
Jr. NBA is an entry-level program created in alliance with Canadian Sport 4 Life/Long Term Athlete Development initiatives. The curriculum has been developed by NBA Basketball Operations and a team of experts in child development and physical literacy, and basketball fundamentals – providing an active and healthy learning environment. Games are modified to be age-appropriate, simple and fun.

Mondays Apr.2-Jun.25
5:00-6:00pm (12 classes, no class May 21) 
$132/Member $144/Public 10843

Steve Nash Youth Basketball Ages 8+y
Steve Nash Youth Basketball is a national youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love of the game of basketball  This Canada Basketball grassroots initiative empowers community basketball groups, facilities, and clubs across Canada in an effort to positively influence youth through the sport of basketball.

Tuesdays Apr.3-Jun.19
5:00-6:00pm (12 classes)
$144/Member $168/Public 10844

Young Rembrandts Elementary Ages 6-12y 
Spring time is the right time for fun with Young Rembrandts! If your child enjoys the outdoors, they will love the upcoming Hummingbird lesson filled with color and whimsy  In fact, we’ll be drawing all season creating motorcycles, boats, and even the butterfly life cycle! Artists will be challenged as they draw and shade a realistic portrait of famous composer, Beethoven, using color pencils  So don’t delay, register today!

Tuesdays Apr.10-Jun.12
4:30-5:30pm (10 classes)
$150/Member $180/Public 11147                   

Hip Hop Youth Ages 7-11y
Children will learn popular hip-hop moves such as Body Pop, Wave, Happy Feet, Running Man, Criss Cross, Moonwalk, and Nae-Nae in this urban/street-style dance class. This is a fun class for active children who like to express themselves through dance and music, as well as a great environment to develop good social skills at an early age.

Tuesdays Apr.10-Jun.12
4:30-5:30pm (10 classes)
$115/Member $135/Public 10846

Youth Yoga Ages 7-11y
Children will be taught the basic poses and mindful movement. They will participate in breathing activities, share circles, laughter yoga, partner yoga, and many other cooperative learning games and activities. These activities develop character, creativity, positive social interaction, emotional balance and bodily awareness.

Mondays Apr.9-Jun.18
4:30-5:30pm (10 classes, no class May 21) 
$115/Member $135/Public 10907

Lightning Family Martial Arts
Martial arts for all ages! Great for beginners or those with experience. Age specific classes with instruction from our team of dedicated practitioners. More than just kicking and punching twice a week. Learn discipline, self- defense, get in shape and have fun!

Juniors Ages 4-10y
Mondays / Wednesdays Apr.9-Jun.27 
4:45-5:30pm (23 classes, no class Apr.11,18, May 21)
$240/Member $270/Public 10921

Youth Ages 10y+
Mondays / Wednesdays Apr.9-Jun.27
6:15-7:15pm (23 classes, no class Apr.11,18, May 21)
$240/Member $270/Public 10921

Beginners Youth Tennis Ages 7+y
This class emphasizes enjoying the game of tennis and will cover the basics of forehand, backhand, and serve  We will be using balls and racquets suitable for the participant’s height and age  Every session will have a technical development with exercise and some fun games  Participants in this program are taught how to hit the ball properly, basic body position, and other tennis concepts 

Thursdays Apr.12-Jun.14
4:00-5:00pm (10 classes)
$110/Member $130/Public 11007

Advanced Youth Tennis Ages 7+y
This class will continue on from skills learned from the beginners course  Participants in this program are taught advanced skills of how to hit the ball properly, advanced body position, and strategies for the game  The focus will be on having the participant able to rally by the end of the session  Note: Participant must have passed the beginner’s level before registering for this class.

Thursdays Apr.12-Jun.14
5:00-6:00pm (10 classes) 
$110/Member $130/Public 11008

Youth Rock Climbing Ages 6-10y
Fall in love with the movement, sense of adventure and environment that climbing provides. Learn top-rope climbing skills of balance and footwork, progressing to terminology, signaling and belaying. Advanced students will be shown repelling and lead climbing skills. Challenge yourself to a technical climb or beat the clock on a timed climb. 12 classes.

Wednesdays Apr.18-Jun.20
4:00-5:15pm (10 classes)
$125/Member $145/Public 11010

Wednesdays Apr.25-Jun.27
5:15-6:30pm (10 classes)
$125/Member $145/Public 11009

Fridays Apr.13-Jun.15
3:45-5:00pm (10 classes)
$125/Member $145/Public 11011

Wednesday Apr.25-Jun.27 FREE FOR MEMBERS



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