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If you are looking to enhance your quality of life, have more energy, become fitter, or need some motivation, let our qualified, personal trainers guide you to success. We are committed to the community and strive to build programs that help keep individuals healthy, happy and interacting with one another. Our experienced Lifestyles Specialists are dedicated to providing training sessions that are safe, challenging and tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. We promote fitness as a lifestyle that enhances everyday living and longevity.

We offer:
• Full fitness assessments.
• Pilates personal reformer training.
• Aquatics rehabilitation and strength training.
• Weight room orientations.
• Teen orientations and personal programs.
• Rehabilitation programs.
• Group training.
• Sports-specific training.
• General wellness information.

Please note that there are no refunds on personal training.

For more information about personal training please contact Scott Russell at 403-444-3150 or email.

Personal Training Rates

Personal Trainers
Every gym thinks they have the best personal trainers in the city. Well, at the JCC, we are no exception. Our trainers are really, really great, maybe even the best in Alberta. Whether you’re training to run a mile or a marathon, lose weight or put on muscle mass, there is a trainer here that’s right for you.


Amy S.
Amy is a Registered Massage Therapist, 5th year student of Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Primary Deep Tendon Reflex Technique (P-DTR), Level 3 Medical Fascial Stretch Therapist, CSEP-Certified, andExercise Physiologist. If you are looking for someone to assist you in working towards better function and comfort, then Amy would love to partner with you in doing just that using holistic manual therapy. Amy works with your whole person to optimize your functioning and well-being. She considers all structures and connections in the body, working towards all moving in health. Her perspective includes bones and joints (including those of the skull), muscles, fascia, meninges (the tissues lining the spinal cord and cranium), organs and their attachments, nerves, blood and lymph vessels, and the inter-relationship among all these. Amy is dedicated to making a positive contribution to your wellness by using all of her many skills and welcomes all inquiries.

angela h.Angela H.
I was born and raised here in Calgary, Alberta. As a child I really enjoyed the discipline of ballet. Dedicating myself to dance was a rewarding experience growing up. Then, as a young adult, I wanted to have adventure. So I became a backpacker and travelled different parts of the world. These experiences helped shape my decision on becoming a certified yoga instructor back in 2005. I have loved teaching yoga since then. Currently, I have two young girls that keep me busy. This busyness has taught me how to use "yoga off the mat". I started going to the gym a few years ago and liked seeing the positive results from exercise. This helped spur my decision to become a personal trainer in 2015. Combining yoga and fitness has given me a balanced experience that I want to share with others. I am eager to learn more and happy to have the opportunity to work at the JCC.

brianBrian A.
I originally hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba where I achieved a dental degree at the University of Manitoba. I went on to complete residencies in Anesthesiology and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, after which I arrived in Calgary in 1974. I am a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Recently, I turned a lifelong interest in physical fitness into a second career. I was certified as a Personal Training Specialist in 2010, a Certified Exercise Physiologist in 2013. Although I am interested in personal training for clients of all ages, I have a special interest in maintaining health and fitness for seniors. As such, in 2014, I was certified as an Older Adult Fitness Specialist.

cherleneCherlene M.
I am a Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a Level 2 TRX Trainer. However, I didn’t always have a fitness background – I was in the pharmacy business for 17 years. I took seven years off to raise my family, during that time I became overweight and struggled with my health. One day, I had the courage to sign up for a bootcamp! It just about “killed” me. During the course of a month, I realized the commitment I had made to myself. I absolutely fell in love with the whole process of growth and self care. So I decided that this was the job for me. Here I am four years later – happier, healthier and living my best life! I am looking forward to many more years of learning , growing and evolving my clients’ health, as well as mine… and maybe even teaching everyone to love burpees!

drewDrew M.
I graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Kinetics. While attending St. FX, I played four years of varsity soccer with the X-Men, and in 2001 I had the opportunity to go to the Canada Summer Games with Team Nova Scotia where my team came away with Nova Scotia’s first bronze medal in men’s soccer. Since moving to Calgary, I play for the Calgary Callies and went to Newfoundland where we won the 2010 National Championships. While soccer is my passion, I still enjoy getting out to the mountains to explore new hikes or biking trails. As soon as the snow hits, I trade in my bike for my snowboard and am usually in search of fresh tracks. Being physically active is a big part of my life, whether it is sport related or just enjoying the outdoors. I pursued a career in personal training with the JCC in 2004 so that I could share my knowledge and passion with others, helping them accomplish their fitness goals.

francescaFrancesca M.
I am a certified personal trainer with a Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) from Mount Royal University, and a 200-hour certified yoga instructor from  Alberta Yoga College. My passion for health, fitness, and wellness began with my exposure to exercising to p90 dvds in my basement! I immediately fell in love with working hard and how great I felt after completing a workout. I also loved the combination of yoga and resistance training and how much it improved my flexibility and reduced stress. Despite the stress and busyness while in nursing school, I went to the gym every day where I experienced a positive atmosphere, thereby improving my mental focus and spirit. I even competed in three natural fitness completions, winning first place in novice fitness! From my passion for caring for others, I realized I wanted to focus on the preventable part of health care; helping people live healthier lives, in order to avoid a trip to the hospital. I’m passionate about creating a functional program that will have you leaving the session with a smile on your face and feeling better than when you first came in!

kirstaKirsta F.
I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and as such, have a need for that community feeling wherever I go. My journey in the field of exercise was forever shaped when I experienced an injury as a young teenager. I pursued a BSc in Kinesioloy at the University of Lethbridge, with the goal in mind to become a physiotherapist. Life threw a curve ball and I soon discovered that I did not want to be a physiotherapist whatsoever! Instead, I combined my personal desire to help others, with my keen interest in educating people in making lasting and life-long changes for their health and well-being. Soon after graduation, I began working in a multidisciplinary clinic in Calgary, with clients struggling with chronic disease. Here I found many interests and decided I wanted to explore my field more, thereby becoming a CSEP Personal Trainer in 2015. New experiences brought me different challenges and passions, which included working with seniors and neurological diseases. To develop myself further, I decided to become a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist, which I completed in June of this year. I also pursued my passion of working with seniors and changed careers to a part-time position as a Recreation Attendant for those with dementia. Now with the Calgary JCC, I have the opportunity to continue to fulfill my goals: being part of a community, serving people, and experiencing many learning opportunities! Outside of the gym, you can find me doing almost any activity that can be done outside, playing with my dog, and spending time with my husband, family, and friends.

ngaioNgaio M.
I grew up in Toronto then moved to Calgary to obtain my Physical Education degree at the University of Calgary. After completing my degree, I worked and managed several fitness facilities. For those who know me, I've been at the JCC for a very long time - managing the Fitness and Lifestyle Centre for 11 years. I then decided to take my personal training to the next level and chose to focus strictly on personal training. Once I became a mom, my priorities changed and I decided to obtain a more flexible work schedule. The JCC has allowed me to do just that, which I am grateful for. I started my own personal training business seven years ago: Fitness in Motion and I currently train at the JCC as well as outside the facility at client’s homes. My passion is to work with clients who want to make positive changes in their lives. When I'm not training my clients hard, I enjoy being a hockey mom and making and designing jewelry. Motto: One has to take time in their busy lives to make a commitment to themselves to keep fit and healthy.

Sara R.
Originally from England, by way of Vancouver, I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Integrative Health Coach, with designations ranging from Pre and Post Natal to High Intensity Circuit Training, TRX Sports Medicine to Group Cycling. My passion for health and wellness stems from my past experiences. As a youth I always struggled with my weight. After an injury took me out of competitive sports, my health profile sharply declined. Forced to face my family history of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, I set out to take back control of my health. I quickly learned that balance is hard to achieve, but after many twists and turns I achieved my goals and sought out higher education to help others on their own journeys. My mission as a trainer and coach is to support and empower clients in achieving a lifestyle that suits their needs, improves and maintains their health, and elevates their life experiences.  

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