As per the Government of Alberta, effective November 15, 2021, proof of COVID-19 vaccination will only be accepted with an Alberta vaccine records with QR codes (paper or digital). Learn more

This is not your typical exercise class – it incorporates foam rollers, fitness circles, and even towels! Participants will learn how to take care of their posture, spine, pelvic floor, neuromuscular system, and muscular skeletal system As a group we will go through a series of movements to help prevent injury, minimize arthritis, and lengthen the fascia system that exists within your own body This will include specific stretching and isometric holds that will tone and lengthen the body, “wake up” muscles that have atrophied, allowing participants to identify compensation patterns that their body has created in order to cope This class will include gentle pilates, yoga, body rolling, and meditation.

This class is temporarily not being offered.