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Jenaya Niessen

Personal Trainer

Jenaya grew up in Okotoks AB and moved to Calgary to study Kinesiology at the University of Calgary.
She is a Certified Personal Trainer with 6 years industry experience. Jenaya is TRX Certified and has
several other courses on the go to be able to bring the most current information to her clients. Her
passion for movement, health and fitness started with figure skating. She trained and competed in the
sport for 13 years and still enjoys skating whenever she can. Her competitive spirit still continues even
after “retiring” from competing in figure skating. She has competed in several bodybuilding competitions,
and had plans to compete in a powerlifting meet in 2020, but still plans to train to compete in the future.
She also enjoys yoga, and has dabbled in CrossFit, which comes with the territory of having a CF coach
as a future husband. When she’s not at the gym or skating, she also enjoys staying active by walking
and hiking with her dog.

Jenaya has dealt with several back and shoulder injuries of her own both through figure skating, and in a
motor vehicle accident. Learning more about how to heal her body and regain strength has played a
major role in her desire to help others become their strongest, fittest, and healthiest versions of
themselves even in the face of aches, pains, and injuries.

Jenaya believes that motivation may get you started, but commitment and discipline is what keeps you
going towards your goals even on the days when you aren’t “feeling motivated”. It is through setting
goals, challenging yourself to grow, having a strong support system, and staying consistent that will put
you on the path to success in your fitness journey! As your trainer, she will work with you to clearly
define your fitness goals and create an individualized plan to get you there while educating, guiding, and
supporting you along the way!