In response to the announcement made on April 6 by the Alberta government to return to Step 1 under "The Path Forward" Plan, the Calgary JCC weight room will be closed until further notice. One-on-one personal training remains a great option at this time, as well as private swim lessons and household pool bookings. Learn more...


We offer a large selection of aquafit classes free to our members. The general public may pay a drop-in fee to attend the class.

Experience a fitness class in the pool! Water has a thousand times more resistance to that of air so it can provide an awesome workout. It is suitable for everyone as all movements use the body’s own resistance.

Our aquafit classes vary between 45 to 55 minutes in length and are led by a team of highly-qualified instructors. The components of all fitness classes include: a warm up, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle and core strengthening, and stretching. There is an average of 17 aquafit classes that run weekly. They vary in intensity and fitness level so as to meet the needs and abilities of all our adult and/or senior members.

AquaFit classes are not currently being offered. JCC members can contact Leanne Crane to learn how they can take part in land training during that time.



Leanne Crane
Leanne Crane

LeAnne Crane

Aquafit and Active Living Coordinator

(403) 444-3176

Born in Edmonton and the oldest of three children, LeAnne grew up in the same house for all her school years. Heading to college, she moved to Calgary to take…

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Class Descriptions

Aqua Unleashed
This high intensity workout is intended to keep your heart pumping and push you past your limits Come join us for a blend of cardio and resistance training to improve your endurance and strength

Aqua Variety
A challenging class offering a variety of formats and styles May include deep water workout, Tabata, tether, interval, boot camp, circuit, shallow or Aqua Zen

Aqua Zen
A shallow water aquafit experience that encourages peace and vitality through a variety of movements that inspires harmony within the mind, body and spirit. This holistic, wellness-based class focuses on mindfulness and range of motion while improving balance and body awareness. Find your zen while receiving all of the tranquility that the water has to offer.

As You Choose
Participants are free to choose to work out in the deep water wearing a flotation belt or in the shallow water with their feet on the floor. With careful attention and preparation, the instructor is able to teach to all participants.

Deep Water Workout
Wearing a floatation belt, you submerge yourself in the deep end of a pool for a deep water workout! While your deep water aerobics class has a low impact on your joints, it has an enormous impact on your cardiovascular system with the help of the resistance in the water. Class formats may vary between Tabata, circuit, boot camp or interval.

Shallow Water Workout
Activate your aqua urge for exercise! This class is held in the pool’s shallow end in chest-deep water so your feet are always touching the floor. Shallow water workouts improve agility, coordination, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Equipment may be used to develop strength and balance.

Tether Deep Water Workout
Aquafit enthusiasts will benefit from this fun cardiovascular workout in the deep water! There is a strong focus on core stability while performing deep water moves which will result in increased intensity. Participants will find themselves tethered to a lane rope with a bungee cord attached to a belt Great for beginner to advanced!

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Leanne Crane

LeAnne Crane

Aquafit and Active Living Coordinator