Calgary Group Exercise Classes

Elevate your workouts and join the fun with our innovative, inspiring, and challenging group exercise classes. Whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, we will find something for you!

All group exercise classes are included in the price of your membership!

Let some of the most experienced fitness professionals in Calgary help navigate you through the ever-changing trends of the fitness industry. Our classes are based on the latest research and science in order to give you fun, safe, and effective experiences.


Class Descriptions

Athletic Training

Cardio Cutz: A seamless combination of power cardio moves and muscular strength / endurance intervals done at your own station.

Cardio Explosion: Burn calories and increase your cardiovascular endurance and strength  in this workout featuring low/high impact cardio moves  and strength intervals.  Mix it up every week to challenge your body!

Cardio Tabata: A fierce interval class of high intensity cardio alternating with intervals of weights and core, improving your overall fitness. If you want variety and good music, this is your class!

Circuit45: Take your fitness to the next level with this explosive, ever-changing, full body workout. HIIT interval are used to boost metabolism and improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

FIITCAMP 101: Join Ash for FIITCAMP: Fun Intense Interval Training Can Always Maximize Performance. Smiles Guaranteed!

Step/HiLo Explosion: Mix it up and get the variety you crave in this energetic class featuring 15 minutes each of Step, Hi/Low choreography, resistance and core training. Challenge the brain and the body!

Body and Mind

Barre: Ballet-based fitness with weight intervals and core conditioning. This class will lengthen, strengthen and tone your thighs, arms, abdominals, and glutes. For all levels.

Gentle Yoga: Designed for adults of any age, including seniors and those with minor physical ailments who prefer a slower paced or more relaxed practice. Includes beginning yoga postures and principles of body alignment and breath awareness. Modifications are provided to ensure that poses are accessible for anyone.

Mobility/Core Circuit: The class that carries you through everyday life with grace and confidence! Varied movements and core exercises ensure your joints and muscles are moving efficiently and with strength and stamina. Experience freedom of movement, improved posture and a greater, pain-free range of motion.

Pilates: A mat class blending core strength, flexibility, and alignment. Create long, lean muscles and improve body awareness All levels welcome!

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Let go of your physical and mental tension with progressive muscle relaxation techniques.  Sergiy expertly guides you through a deep body scan, inviting you to sequentially tense and relax your musculature from head to toe.  Bring awareness to every single part of part of your body and leave feeling released, refreshed, connected.

Vitality Stretch: Enjoy this slow-paced stretch and flexibility class. We stretch with purpose to renew length and balance in our bodies.

Yoga Flow: Physical postures (asanas) combined with inhales and exhales, create a steady internal rhythm. This class places a strong focus on the power of breath awareness, designed to cultivate heat in the body with creative sequences involving sun salutations, standing, seated, and balancing postures. Moderately intense, this class is open to all levels with modifications given.

Yang/Yin Yoga: This all-levels class opens to the beautiful energy of a gentle flow class; moving through postures to explore and nurture joints and muscles. The practice then slows into a yin style to relax and calm the mind. Passive poses are held longer, allowing us to tap into the deeper tissues in the body.



Cardio Remix: A sweaty blast! A fun moderate intensity class combines popular music (new and old) with intervals, plyometrics, and easy-to-follow cardio.

HIGH Fitness: Aerobics HIGHer! Experience a modern twist on aerobics in a non-stop, action-packed mix of cardio and toning tracks that will take your fitness to the next level. Simple, choreographed tracks make HIGH fitness easy to follow and a ton of fun. Adaptable to all levels of fitness, you can go high or you can go low but you will always leave feeling HIGH!

HIGHLow: A throwback to the old school days of HiLo aerobics, bringing the same energy, intensity, and effectiveness of a HIGH Fitness class with lower impact. The same songs and choreography are used but without burpees and tuck jumps! Low impact options will be demonstrated first, followed by higher levels of impact so people can choose their preferred level of impact.

HIGHLow + YO: Old school aerobics with a thoroughly modern twist! Enjoy 25 minutes
of energetic, choreographed HiLo aerobics followed by 25 minutes of stretching, core, and
balance to work and lengthen every part of your body. A fun, lighthearted, music-driven class that will leave you feeling amazing!

Reggae Tone: This class is all about the music!  A fun dance based cardio class for all levels that incorporates Reggae. Calypso, Soca, and Afro Beats music mixed with contemporary tunes.  Modifications are provided to make this class inclusive to many abilities and ages. The class finishes with 10 mins of core, strength work and a stretch. Bring your energy and a smile.

Zumba®: Join the party! Latin flavor, hi and low impact, dance-based movement to awesome music will make you forget it’s a workout! No experienced needed.


Forever Young

EverFit: This gentle moving class will help improve your overall fitness including strength, balance, and cardiovascular health. Options are provided for all levels.



ABSolutely!: Targeted movements and cardio focus on firming and strengthening your entire core – abdominals, hips, glutes, lower back, and thighs. Balance, stability and posture are enhanced; all levels welcome.

Dumbbell HIIT: Take your fitness to the next level. Dumbbells and other portable equipment are used in this explosive, strength-based, full-body workout. HIIT boosts metabolism and improves aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Tone & Sculpt: Shape, tone, and define your muscles. Using a variety of fitness equipment including weighted bars, free weights and exercise balls you’ll target every muscle group for a total-body toning workout. Benefits includes: Improves strength, balance, and coordination while defining the muscles.



Spin: Fire up your cardio fitness in this super-sweaty cycling workout!

Spin & Pump: Spin into shape and then challenge your major muscle groups with weights and core strengthening.

Spin & Pump HIIT: The ultimate class for head to toe training! Fifty minutes of cycling intervals and drills for cardiovascular training combined with a resistance intervals for both upper and lower body. Start your morning invigorated.

Sunrise Spin: Wake up and welcome the new day with an explosion of energy, music and good vibes! An invigorating mix of high energy drills, interval training and strength rides, this class will build muscle and kick your cardio training into high gear.