LeAnne Crane

Active Living Coordinator and Personal Trainer

Born in Edmonton and the oldest of three children, LeAnne grew up in the same house for all her school years. Heading to college, she moved to Calgary to take rehabilitation, graduating in 1988. It was at Mount Royal College where she met her husband, marrying one week before the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. They have four children and enjoy being grandparents to seven grandchildren. It was after having twins (babies three and four) that LeAnne decided to add fitness leader to her resume. What an absolute dream job it turned out for her – something fun that she could do to keep herself active while continuing to raise her family. Now here we are, decades later and she absolutely loves the people she has met over the years! Personal training and teaching classes allows LeAnne to watch people change their lives, feel better, and grow healthy… she loves people! Since beginning her career in health and fitness and adding several specialties to her teaching repertoire, LeAnne has realized that for her, being with seniors is where it’s at. She has found great enjoyment teaching and helping those who have some type of chronic condition. Moving is medicine… so let’s all keep moving!