As mandated, the JCC building is closed to the public. Only Childcare and Children's program participants, and tenants can access the building. We continue to provide daily virtual activities for those individuals and families with an active JCC membership. Learn more...


Here is what you're saying…

COVID Response

You all have done a marvellous job… and I have been in the business for over 35 years serving the Jewish Community and Community at large in various capacities… impressive.

I have been utilizing both the pool and weight room since you opened and your protocols are “spot on”. I now am familiar with the pool entry process, and it makes all the sense in the world in terms of an easy flow of traffic. If any time I am uncomfortable in the weight room my mask comes on and that is rare – only applied in relation to the proximity of another user walking by. Reality is that you obviously put a great deal of thought into making our home away from home safe and comfortable. As long as we as members follow the rules and procedures… all will be great. Thank you for everything you do, I run a facility with many challenges and you are certainly a bench mark for going beyond the basics.

Good on all the staff at the JCC!  –– Max Lipsman

Active Living

Thanks for all the updates! Although I used to be an AquaFit user, I am thoroughly enjoying the Zoom exercise classes. Both LeAnne and Cindy are incredible instructors. I hope the classes will continue into the new year. Happy to be a member of JCC! –– Helen A.


I am so appreciative of how the Centre and particularly the pool is operating. THANKS!!! The lifeguards are all so incredible, providing superb guarding, and then cleaning so effectively… the pool and pool area is always so safe. THANKS!!!

I also appreciate the thoughtfulness of the team. For example, letting us in when they are ready, often a few minutes before the start, so we can get equipment and go to our lanes and start swimming at the start time. From the extra cleaning of areas we touch (handrails, and equipment) to the kindness shown to some of the older members (helping or explaining)… thank you!! And also a big thanks to Cathy who patiently helps us all with the booking system. –– Long time JCC member and aquatics participant

Active Living

I love being able to exercise virtually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with LeAnne who puts her heart and soul into the program! She is well organized and helping to one and all.

Active Living

The Active Living program has truly changed my life during this COVID period. I look forward to these classes all the time; not only is it exercise, it is a way of seeing people other than in the grocery store. As I’m having a knee replacement in February, it has obviously made me stronger – lots stronger which should help in my recovery. I’m so grateful this program became available online when our world shut down 10 months ago. –– Joan

Summer Campish

We are so thankful that the JCC Campish decided to go ahead this summer! When the world “closed” so abruptly it was really hard on our littles that were a part of the JCC family in the KidStart Literacy and Time for 2s programs. Even though the programming had to change to meet the current health standards, the staff went above and beyond to make each week special for the children ensuring they are still staying safe, moving their bodies, engaging, getting creative, all while keeping some normalcy in these crazy times. Our four year old is always asking when her next week of camp is, and is so eager to see familiar faces and meet new ones! We missed the JCC staff and families so much. Thank you! *Virtual High Fives*


Thank you for all your hard work to make it possible to get back to classes!

Active Living

These classes are just great and it’s wonderful that they have been made available to us. In fact at first I was not enthusiastic, but now they really are the highlight of my day and I feel so much better for them. It’s great to be with people again and have some laughs as well as exercise… Also, these classes (for the time that they are on) end our social isolation and that is such a good feeling. Real live people who are interacting with us!