Active Living Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Active Living Program FAQ


What will you do to keep us safe during in-person classes?

Hand sanitizer stations are located around the building, we will be spacing the chairs, providing you with your personal theraband (which you must bring to each class) and when certain equipment is used, we will have sanitizing wipes or sanitizer available for your use.


If I choose to attend in-person classes only, do I need to buy a JCC membership?

You WILL NOT be require a JCC membership if you wish to attend only in-person Active Living classes.


I like to attend GroupX and Aqua Fitness classes. Will I be able to do that with the in-person drop in pass?

If you enjoy taking GroupX or Aqua Fitness classes, you will need to purchase a JCC membership as well as a 12x Active Living class pass. Remember, if you have a JCC membership and pay for in-person Active Living classes, your Zoom membership will be complimentary.


I have been taking Zoom classes for 2 years. Why did the cost of the monthly Zoom membership increase when there are less classes being offered?

At the beginning of the pandemic, JCC received a grant from United Way for zoom Active Living classes. Unfortunately, this funding was depleted months ago and the JCC has been subsidizing classes ever since. In order to be fiscally responsible, we needed to change the scheduled number of classes and increase the cost of the Zoom membership.


I notice there are no specified Keep Going classes scheduled for Zoom. Would you please tell me why?

We felt that the Keep Going classes were best suited to the in-person environment.  Bringing these back to the facility means more Easy Going and Get Going classes can be made available to those requiring the Zoom option.


I notice the Gentle Chair Yoga class is no longer being offered on Zoom. Would you please tell me why?

Again, we felt it was paramount to keep the price of the Active Living Zoom membership and in-person class passes as low as possible. As an in-person class, Chair Yoga can attract many different groups (Active Living clientele, JCC members and other special interest groups in the facility). The cost of putting on this class is thus shared amongst a number of different budgets allowing us to keep this fantastic and beneficial class going.


I enjoy attending the Golden Age lunches. If I don’t have a membership, may I still attend?

You will be welcomed into the Golden Age lunches without a membership. Please be sure to register at the Customer Service Desk at least one week prior to the event.


Is there a maximum number of classes I can take each week?

Please attend as many classes as you like.


Am I able to use the weight room if I attend in-person passes?

With apologies, not at this time. Please bear with us as we work out a plan to make this possible. If you purchased a JCC membership, you are welcome to use the weight room as you like during facility hours.


Where do I get in-person 12x passes?

Please see our Customer Service Desk staff for purchase!


I have some Active Living passes from prior to the shut down. Can I use these?

We are able to honour these until August 31, 2022.


I have already paid my monthly Zoom fees for May. Will I have to pay more this month?

No. Whether you are returning in-person or using the virtual classes, if you have paid your May fees you will not be required to pay any more for the rest of the month. If you want to purchase a JCC membership, the Customer Service Desk will pro-rate your fees.


Which Zoom links will I need to use to attend the virtual classes?

We will email the links to all our Zoom members.