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COVID -19 Protocols: Fitness

COVID-19 Procedures


  • Upon arrival at the JCC main doors, a check-in process must be completed before entry: reservation confirmation, temperature check, hand sanitization, and health assessment.
  • You will need to sign a waiver on your first visit only.
  • A two metre distance must be maintained at all times while in the building.
  • Masks or face coverings must be worn in common areas of the building, but should NOT be worn when performing intense physical activities.
  • Come to the JCC changed and ready to start your class. Change rooms and showers are only available to pool users.
  • Bring your own water bottle as water fountains are only available for bottle refill.
  • Participants should arrive no more than five to 10 minutes before their class or reserved spot.

Weight Room and CrossFit Box 

  • Reservations are available in both the weight room and the CrossFit Box. Enter by going up the hallway ramp and checking in with the weight room monitor. You must stay in your booked room for the duration of you session and cannot move between the two rooms.
  • Leave on time – you have an hour to work out – leave promptly when your scheduled time is done.
  • Change rooms, lockers, and showers are for pool users only. Come dressed and ready to workout. To keep our space clean, please leave boots and coats on the racks provided outside the men’s change room. Space is provided in the weight room to store your other belongings while you workout.
  • Ensure you clean ALL equipment BEFORE and AFTER use. Pick up a clean disinfectant spray bottle and cleaning cloth at the weight room entrance at the start of your session.
  • Remember to social distance – remain two metres away from others at all times.
  • No pre-booking back-to-back weight room and CrossFit Box bookings, and you cannot book into both rooms at the same time.
  • Book only one session and/or room a day.
  • No shows will be charged a $5 fee. 


Group Fitness 

  • Arrive on time for class. Late entry will not be permitted.
  • Please bring your own mat. It is recommended that you purchase your own equipment to use at each class.
  • Our cleaning team sanitizes all fitness equipment after each use. Even so, if you are using JCC equipment it is recommended that you clean it BEFORE and AFTER use. There are sanitizing wipes located in both group fitness rooms.
  • Wear a mask (covering both your nose and mouth) as you move about the fitness room. Masks can be removed once you are at your spot and while you are participating in the class. Please remember to replace your mask at the end of class.
  • Ensure you are physical distancing (at least two metres apart) from all other participants and the instructor.
  • In the group fitness studio, the arrows on the floor indicate where to place mats and the arrows on the barres indicate where to stand for a barre class.
  • In the auditorium, nine pods have been clearly designated.
  • Used equipment:
    • Group Fitness Studio – Place used equipment in the green taped area.
    • Auditorium – Leave used equipment, including bikes, in the pods that you used and leave a “PLEASE CLEAN’ sign inside your pod. Sanitized equipment will be moved outside of the pod.