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Active Living*

The JCC is offering virtual classes on Zoom 5 days a week. Active Living is designed specifically for people who have any type of chronic condition. We are welcoming all past and current Active Living members, any current JCC members as well as those who have participated in our AquaFit classes. Our trained and talented instructor is careful to offer modifications which address the needs of participants that include all of the major components of a fitness class. The Active Living membership is $18 a month. If you are interested in our Active Living classes, email Zain Hoosen.
View our Active Living schedule

*Thanks to a grant from United Way, the JCC is able to offer specialized programming for seniors in May and June, including Active Living.


Personal Training

Jump start your workouts again! Meet up online over Zoom and get fit with your favourite JCC personal trainer. We’ve reduced the rates and all sessions can be purchased online. Once you purchase your sessions email Scott Russell to get started!

1×1 1 session – $55
1×1 4 sessions – $53
1×1 8 sessions – $50

2×1 1 session – $33
2×1 4 sessions – $31
2×1 8 sessions – $29

3×1 1 session – $28
3×1 4 sessions – $26
3×1 8 sessions – $24


PWR! Moves

PWR! Moves classes are now offered live on Zoom three times a week to keep you moving and active! The PWR! Moves membership is $30 a month. Email Zain Hoosen to purchase your membership.
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays  |  12:00pm

You can also view the following PWR! Moves classes on our YouTube channel:
PWR! Moves 1  •  PWR! Moves 2  •  PWR! Moves (Cardio) 3  •  PWR! Moves 4
PWR! Moves (Cardio) 5  •  PWR! Moves (Circuit) 6  •  PWR! Moves (Cardio) 7  •  PWR! Moves 8
PWR! Moves (Kickboxing) 9  •  PWR! Moves 10  •  PWR! Moves 11  •  PWR! Moves 12
PWR! Moves (Circuit) 13  •  PWR! Moves (Kickboxing)


Limitless Motion

Anchor your centre and manage chronic pain with Corrina, Rehabilitation Pilates Therapist weekly on Zoom. Meeting password: Love
Mondays at 11:00am  |  Pillows, Towels, and Books… Oh My!
Wednesdays at 11:00am  |  Shoulders, Neck, and Open Hips
Fridays at 11:00am  |  Reach and Release Your Spine and Mind

Corrina also has videos available on her YouTube channel.


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