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Active Living

Active Living

The Active Living program is designed specifically for people living with any type of chronic condition. Our trained and talented instructors are careful to offer modifications which address the individual needs of participants, while ensuring that all of the major components of a fitness class are included.

The Active Living monthly membership gives access to both in-person, Zoom classes and Aqua Fitness. If you prefer, a Zoom only membership is available. Choose the option that works best for your lifestyle and location.

Please see below for information regarding what is included in the monthly Active Living membership.

Email LeAnne Crane for more information on our Active Living membership and be sure to check out our membership FAQs to the right of this page!

What Does My New Active Living Monthly Membership Include?
  • Access to all in-person Active Living classes.
  • Access to virtual Active Living classes.
  • Access to additional classes: Urban Poling, Gentle Chair Yoga, and EverFit.
  • Access to all Aqua Fitness drop-in classes.
  • Snack and chat socials.
  • Member pricing for personal training and registered programs.
Active Living Program
Leanne Crane
Leanne Crane

LeAnne Crane

Active Living Coordinator and Personal Trainer

(403) 537-8598

Born in Edmonton and the oldest of three children, LeAnne grew up in the same house for all her school years. Heading to college, she moved to Calgary to take…

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Class Descriptions

Easy Going
This class is geared toward adults who are looking for a gentler approach to fitness. The warm up and strength training are done while seated. Because weight baring exercise is so important, walking, posture (against a wall) and balance (holding on to a dance bar) will be done standing.

Get Going
Features walking, seated and standing movement for the cardio component. Strength, balance and flexibility training are done seated or standing behind a chair. Come join us for a functional fitness class to help with the various activities of everyday living.

Keep Going
This class is for adults with a chronic condition who are looking for a little more challenge, but still want a low impact class that is easy on the joints The entire class is done standing and will offer various formats to keep it interesting.

Gentle Chair Yoga
Bring out your inner Yogi! This class will have you doing all of the wonderful things in traditional yoga, but in a gentler way. We get it – some days, getting down on the ground is not easy. We want your body to feel amazing and safe through guided stretches and yoga flows while you sit comfortably in a chair.

Urban Poling*
Indoor / Outdoor walking with activator poles. A great prescription for overall health, wellness, and rehabilitation for EVERYONE. The use of specially- designed activator poles improves your balance, core strength, posture, and reduces impact on joints. Poles provided by the JCC for your use in each class.

*This is a GroupX class that is perfect for Active Living participants as well as JCC members. 


I have been taking your “Get Going” Active Living Zoom exercise program for several months now and I’m absolutely delighted with the cardio and strength parts along with warm up and stretch. I have been very active in the past and have taken many levels of exercise programs. This is a very good one with excellent teachers. Leanne is a friendly, encouraging leader. She watches the participants closely to see that shoulders are down, etc. and she demonstrates each form for those sitting and standing and offers variations to each exercise. Breaking my hip two years ago significantly affected my mobility. I now use a walker when out and about and am on the list for a full knee replacement. It has been difficult to access exercise specific to my needs. Your Zoom exercise program with Leanne and Terry has been a blessing to my quality of life. I feel my body becoming stronger especially my core. My fear of falling has diminished and my confidence in going out in public has increased. Because of my reduced mobility I have been unable to exercise my heart and lungs with a good cardio workout. Your program has given me this. I am able to do cardio arm and leg sequences that I was not able to do a few months ago. When I told my doctor that I was doing your program with cardio three times a week he was suitably impressed. I am very thankful that Zoom Get Going is an important and valuable part of my life. Leanne and Terry do an exceptional job. I look forward to every class. –– Barbara C.

Great to be back from Victoria. I appreciated the balance and injury prevention exercises you have us working on. The weather was wet, cold, and windy in BC. There were many slippery roads, sidewalks, and steps we had to maneuver on our trip and your instructions/training really helped. I didn’t slip once! The standup-sit down exercises are making a difference in preventing injuries when retrieving things that have fallen plus just getting in and out of vehicles. All skills we all need! Thanks for your training. –– Donna M


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