Active Living

Active Living

The JCC is offering virtual Active Living classes on Zoom, five days a week. Active Living is designed specifically for people who have any type of chronic condition. Our trained and talented instructor is careful to offer modifications which address the needs of participants that include all of the major components of a fitness class.

We are welcoming all current and past Active Living members, any current JCC members, as well as AquaFit participants.

Email Zain Hoosen for more information on our Active Living membership.


Class Descriptions

Chair Dancing
If you enjoy music and movement, join us for a fun class and “dance like no one is watching”! Most choreography is done seated with an option to stand for those who prefer. No dance experience necessary.

Easy Going
This class is geared toward adults who are looking for a gentler approach to fitness The warm up and strength training are done while seated Because weight baring exercise is so important, walking, posture (against a wall) and balance (holding on to a dance bar) will be done standing.

Gentle Yoga
Bring out your inner Yogi! This class will have you doing all of the wonderful things in traditional yoga, but in a gentler way. We get it – some days, getting down on the ground is not easy. We want your body to feel amazing and safe through guided stretches and yoga flows while you sit comfortably in a chair.

Get Going
Features walking, seated and standing movement for the cardio component Strength, balance and flexibility training are done seated or standing behind a chair Come join us for a functional fitness class to help with the various activities of everyday living. Tuesdays and Fridays feature extra focus on balance and strength training.

Keep Going
This class is for adults with a chronic condition who are looking for a little more challenge, but still want a low impact class that is easy on the joints The entire class is done standing and will offer various formats to keep it interesting.

Urban Poling  – Outdoor Walking with Activator Poles
Walking is a great prescription for overall health, wellness, and rehabilitation for EVERYONE. Join us weekly as we use specially-designed activator poles to improve your balance, core strength, posture, and reduce impact to your joints. Getting together outdoors is an added benefit! Poles will be provided by the JCC for your use each class and will be sanitized prior to and after each session.