May Pop-Up Classes

In the J-Fit Factory

Row House

Experience a new level of fitness in this fast-paced, ever-changing class! Use low-impact rowing machines for your cardio push intervals; then experience the perfect blend of coordination/strength exercises and mat work for improved mobility, strength, and functionality. What happens in RowHouse will expand outside of RowHouse!

Thursday, May 19 | 4:30pm (Class Code: 8693) – REGISTER
Free for J•Factory CrossFit members



Goals, Resistance & Intentional Training. Discover your strength, define your intensity, and have fun as you embrace the grind!

Tuesday, May 24 | 9:15am (Class Code: 8698) – REGISTER
Free for J•Factory CrossFit members and JCC members


Dynamic Abs

Develop strength in your core and discover muscles you had no idea existed! This class focuses on abdominal, back, and gluteal musculature, as well as the muscles of your pelvic floor. When your core is strong, back pain and hip instability are reduced. Come build better core strength for life!

Wednesday, May 25 | 4:30pm (Class Code: 8689) – REGISTER
Free for J•Factory CrossFit members


55+ Silver Foundations

Review the basics or take your first steps into foundational movements such as squats, presses, and deadlifts. We’ll make sure your entry (or re-entry!) into fitness is successful by guiding you into the proper mechanics of these complex exercises. Lighter loads are used until you feel consistent and ready to increase intensity!

Friday, May 20 | 9:15am (Class Code: 8686) – REGISTER
Friday, May 27 | 9:15am (Class Code: 8687) – REGISTER
Free for J•Factory CrossFit members

$10 per class

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403-253-8600, ext.0