Empowering Movement: PWR! Moves at Calgary JCC for Parkinson’s Wellness


Every April, as communities around the world observe Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we are reminded of the challenges faced by those living with Parkinson’s disease. At Calgary JCC, we recognize physical fitness’s critical role in managing and potentially alleviating some of these challenges. That’s why we proudly offer the PWR! Moves program—a tailored exercise regimen for individuals battling Parkinson’s.

PWR! Moves

Understanding Parkinson’s and Its Challenges

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that primarily affects movement. It manifests through symptoms such as tremors, stiffness, and slowness of movement, all of which can deteriorate quality of life. Beyond the physical symptoms, Parkinson’s can also lead to social and emotional challenges as individuals struggle with the progressive nature of the disease.

The Role of Physical Fitness in Managing Parkinson’s

Research consistently shows that regular exercise is beneficial and crucial for individuals with Parkinson’s. It helps improve flexibility, balance, and motor coordination, which are often compromised by the condition. More than just enhancing physical capacity, structured exercise programs like PWR! Moves provide a proactive strategy to manage Parkinson’s symptoms more effectively.

PWR! Moves at Calgary JCC

PWR! Moves is not just any exercise program. It’s a Parkinson ‘s-specific regimen that has been crafted under the guidance of neurological research. Recognized by the Parkinson’s Association of North America as a potent tool against the disease’s progression, PWR! Moves focuses on movements and exercises that target skills compromised by Parkinson’s.

We are honoured to have exclusive permission from Dr. Becky Farley, the pioneer behind PWR! Moves, to offer this program at Calgary JCC. Our instructors are certified through rigorous training designed by Dr. Farley herself, ensuring that each session is effective and safe for participants.

PWR! Moves: A Closer Look

The program features exercises that are adaptable to various stages and symptoms of Parkinson’s, focusing on key areas such as amplitude, speed, and flexibility. These exercises are designed to translate into daily activities, helping participants maintain independence for longer. Testimonials from our members highlight significant improvements in daily functions, a testament to the program’s impact.

​​“I love that PWR! Moves combines physical moves with a cognitive element making it challenging and fun, as well as provides us with social support. This class has definitely slowed down the progression of Parkinson’s Disease for me.” – Judy, PWR! Moves member since 2015

“I have been going to PWR! Moves classes since they started at the JCC eight years ago. I have stayed with the class (even through COVID) because I firmly believe this specialized exercise program designed for people with PD, has helped me slow down the progression of my disease. For me, the class is also my support group where I can meet, work out, and get support and reinforcement from people (and that includes the instructors) who believe exercise is one more weapon we can use in the fight against Parkinson’s.” – Norma, PWR! Moves member since 2015

Calgary JCC’s Unique Position in the Community

Calgary JCC is one of only two centers in Calgary that offers the certified PWR! Moves program. This exclusivity underscores our commitment to providing specialized, community-centric health and wellness services. Our program not only addresses physical needs but also fosters a supportive community where participants share experiences and encouragement.

How to Participate in PWR! Moves

For those interested in joining the PWR! Moves program, we offer flexible session timings to accommodate different schedules for detailed information on enrollment, session dates, and more about what our program offers, please view our detailed PDF brochure. This brochure is your gateway to understanding how PWR! Moves can fit into your or your loved one’s health regimen.

Empowering Movement

As we mark Parkinson’s Awareness Month, let us focus on empowering those affected through effective support systems like the PWR! Moves program at Calgary JCC. It’s more than just exercise; it’s about nurturing resilience and enhancing life quality.

Visit Calgary JCC today or contact us to learn more about the transformative PWR! Moves program. We invite you to join our community and start your journey towards better health and increased mobility. Help us spread the word by sharing this information within your networks to reach all those battling Parkinson’s and searching for support.